Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 Month Stats

Ellie is napping so I thought I would go ahead and post her stats from our doctors visit. First of all, we BOTH did great! I didn't cry, and Ellie did for just a sec. Dr. Amy said Tylenol should help if her legs are sore, so I went ahead and gave her some right before she ate. She is practically snoring (uh oh!) in her crib now, so hopefully she will stay down for a while. This is us waiting on Dr. Amy. Those lights were bright!Dr. Amy said she was perfect and pretty! I of course already knew that but it's always nice to hear it from somebody else:) She even said "I bet she has a smocked Easter dress"! Why of course she does!!!! She also gave us some tips on getting rid of the little rash she's got going on under her chin. Whe she spits up, it runs down her mouth and lands in all of her little creases and that moisture caused some irritation. We had been doing diaper rash cream and baby powder but Dr. Amy said to try Gold Bond and hydrocortisone cream. We were almost doing the same thing so that made me feel better.

Now on to the stats. I was shocked! I knew she had grown, but I really am surprised. She weighs 12 lbs 8 oz (90%), 23 1/4 in. (75%) and her head measured right at 40 1/2 cm (90%)! She really is a growing girl! I felt a little guilty as I snapped these pictures, but I am trying to capture every moment!

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