Wednesday, August 19, 2015


We had a super fun summer.  There were of course days when I couldn't pick up another toy, or break up another fight or clean up after another meal...but I do think we managed to have quite a bit of fun throughout the usual chaos.  I also feel like this is the first summer where I could take the kids to the pool or the movies without being a total stress ball then entire time.  Miller is getting old enough to do more which allowed us to get out and about more than ever!  Since it was Ellie's last summer before school, we made a summer bucket list and managed to check off ALL of our items off of our list and more!

--Visit DeDe and Peeps...Check!  We did a zoo trip, Redbirds game, visited the new Bass Pro
and Ellie went for a week by herself to attend BUMC VBS.  BOTH kids went back at the end of July for 5 days as well.  They stayed busy with carousel rides. Chick-fila lunches, a trip to the Orpheum for a showing of Hook, and a trip or two to the new Bartlett Splash pad.

--Go to the movies...check!  check!  I would like to point out that I took both kids to the movies twice by myself and they were perfect angels.  We saw the Minion movie and Inside Out.  Both were very cute!

Have a friend over to play...check!  Ellie Douglas came over to play one day and Ellie went to play at her house as well.  No pics but it did happen!

Family Fun Day...check!  We had several days/nights spent as a family.  We blew up baby pools and sprinklers, took trips to Jackson to eat, and even went to the lake for a sunset boat ride.  Lots of fun!

The weekend before school started we went to eat at Asahi Hibachi and did a little schools shopping.  I love quality time with these goofballs!

Go get a snowcone...check!  We drove all the way to Union City one night for a snow cone and it was worth the drive!

Girls day...check!  Ellie's love language is definitely quality time and a "girls day" definitely tops the list.  Before school started we had several lunch dates and she even had her nails/toes done to get her kindergarten ready. #spoiled.

Plant a garden...check!  Ellie has asked for a garden for a couple of years now so Don finally gave in. It was a lot of work but we all enjoyed it so much!  We were swimming in cucumbers and zucchini for a few weeks!  We made loads of zucchini bread and pickles and enjoyed lot of fresh veggies all summer.  Don plans to go even bigger next year!

VBS...check!  I spent several days/hours preparing for our VBS this year.  It was a huge success and so much fun.  Miller even loved and can't wait to fully participate next year.

Ellie's dance recital...check!  She learned SO much this year at her new studio and did great at her recital.  She had an entire row of fans and we were so proud of her!

Tee-ball...check!  This year was a little more "emotional" than last, bless her hear so I am not sure she will be playing next year...but we survived, she finished and our sweet little team even had an ice cream party after the awards ceremony.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, but I think I highlighted the big parts.  I am so grateful for these precious little people and all of the fun and memories we managed to make.  Now it's back to the grind and a busy fall season.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

First day of Kindergarten

I realize I have 1,001 posts to complete (one day) but before the "new" wears off and I forget details, I have got to recap our BIG WEEK!

First of all, Miller got into Miss Penny's Playhouse!  This was a coveted spot that I had prayed for but wasn't really sure would ever come open.  If I have one complaint about Greenfield (other than restaurants, lol) it would be childcare.  We are seriously lacking in that department!  However, Miss Penny's is the best and we are so fortunate to be able to benefit from her daycare!  She only does full time spots which is wonderful, but has had me torn as well.  There are plenty of days when I am not out traveling and would be just fine to have him home with me.  I have noticed though, that I get nothing done and I have set some pretty big goals for my "work life" this year which means that I need to take advantage of the full time status and let him go every day.  Mom guilt has hit me HARD with this but thankfully he has had a wonderful week and has loved going!  We know every kid there very well...our entire church is there practically and I know this will help him be prepared for school down the road.

Secondly...Ellie had her first day of Kindergarten!  This is a day I had dreaded/looked forward to all summer.  Such a mixture of emotions as I watch her "baby days" come to an end.  No more lazy mornings, sleeping in, lunch dates and grocery trips with mom.  She is a big girl now and was SO excited to go!  Her excitement made the day so much easier, but the night before hit me hard.  It was almost as if her life was flashing before my eyes and all I could do was think back to all the things I should have enjoyed more or the times I lost my patience and should have just appreciated all the time we had together.  BUT it was time to let her fly, and fly she did!  We love her teacher Mrs. Brandy.  I know she's going to have a great year!

All ready for bed!  Such a great book to read the night before school.

So thankful Daddy is across the hall from her room and that he was able to walk her in!

She has so many sweet friends in her classs.  Another blessing we are thankful for!  When I picked her up she said "I used my pencils all day long.  School is cool!"