Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of School

I know, I know...long time no blog.  I am trying not to even think about how much I have to update on here...but for now, we will start with Ellie's first day of Pre-school!

This school decision was a long time coming.  We had originally thought she would be going to full time pre-k at Greenfield.  After that fell through, I scrambled trying to find another option.  I knew she needed a structured learning environment to ready her for Kindergarten and once I found this program, I knew we had a winner!

She will only go 2 days a week, from 9-2.  I was very impressed with how organized and structured they are. There is a steady curriculum and schedule and I am just so excited for her!  I have learned in any situation...big or small, everything always seems to work itself out--and it definitely did in this case.

We of course had to take the obligatory "first day" pictures complete with chalk board sign.  We packed her lunch the night before and talked it up BIG.  This girl was ready!  I didn't worry about her one bit.

Her teacher and the director updated me throughout the day.  They even have a private Facebook group where they post pictures.  I got a text from the Director saying what a great day she'd had!

We went for celebratory ice cream after I picked her up and then headed to her new Dance Studio.  Lots of changes for our girl but she is handling them well.  She was VERY tired after we got home, which was to be expected, so I think we will work on an earlier bedtime Thursday!