Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cleaning off the iPhone

I haven't touched my camera since we returned home from the beach.  I needed a break and so did Ellie.  That doesn't mean I haven't used my phone to catch a few funnies here and there.  I just had to share a few!

First off...I will never try to be cheap again and buy Kroger diapers.  They equal the ultimate diaper wedgie.  My poor child.

Don found an almost new swing at a yard sale a few weeks ago and hung it up last week.  Ellie LOVES it.  We did lots of swingin' this morning before it got too hot.  She looks so relaxed!

We had a nice visit with Dr. Amy yesterday for Ellie's 18 month check up.  She is perfect!  She is in the 90-95th percentile in every category and weighs 29 pounds!  Here she is checking out the fish tank at the doc's office.

I'll try and do the big 18 month post when I get a chance.  Can't believe she is half-way to TWO!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Baaaaack

We just got home from a wonderful week in Perdido Key!  It was so nice to get away and spend time with great friends.  We of course missed Don like crazy but he said was so busy that the time just flew by.

Ellie was almost perfect on the drive down.  A new Barney DVD and plenty of snacks were our saving grace!  She did however have a little trouble adjusting to our new surroundings and the pack-n-play, but overall I cannot complain one bit!

Aunt Jenny was a HUGE help.  She jumped right in and carried bags, babies, pacis and sippie cups like a champ.  I could not have done it without her.  We also took a babysitter, Miss Kaitlyn.  She was a lifesaver!  She allowed us to go back out to the beach after baths and lunch and sat with E and Will while they napped.  Genius!  We also went to dinner one night and enjoyed a meal without scarfing it down and wrestling tired kiddos.  We will definitely be doing that from now on:)

Ellie LOVED everything about the beach.  The sand, the water, the waves, the sun...everything.  She is definitely my little water baby!

We went on a dolphin cruise one night with Jenny and had a great time!  Ellie loved looking and pointing to the dolphins.  She was not a fan of the life jacket, however.

We gave Will a a john john for his birthday that matched a dress Ellie had so we could take their picture on the beach.  That was easier said than done.  I am hoping Leigh got a few better shots than I did.

The original plan was to take family pictures in something else other than the traditional white/khaki.  We went ahead and took a few even though it makes me very sad Don isn't in any of them.  I still think we got a few pretty cute shots!

We had a great time but it is nice to be home in our own beds.  Back to life, back to reality!

**If any of you are wondering...every outfit Ellie is wearing in this post came from Facebook.  I'm telling's the place to shop!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This is my first time to participate in WILW...but I thought today was the perfect day to start!

First of all...I'm loving my Diet Dr. P.  Can't live without it!

I am also loving my job.  I am so thankful I get the best of both worlds.  I get to be at home with E and work/travel a few days a week.  Perfect fit for me!  I also received some pretty great news last week that was just icing on the cake;)
Of course, I am really loving these two and our wonderful families!

Last but not least...I am loving that my hubby insisted that E and I go to the beach even though he is now unable to go with us.  (Long story...promise an update soon!)  I had a hard time deciding whether or not that was the right thing to do, but I will be taking E's Aunt Jenny along and she promised to be my "assistant husband" for the week.  I am excited about a vacation, but it won't be the same without Don there.  I am grateful we will get a little vacay after all!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nice weekend...

And it's not over yet!  

We are actually in town this weekend and it has been SO nice.  We haven't had anything on the agenda except Will"s (or Bubba, as Ellie calls him) first birthday party!  Leigh did such a good job on all the details and we all had tons of fun!

Ellie crashed in the car on the way home from the party and Don soon followed her on the couch!  Mammie came this afternoon to visit and took us to Cracker Barrel.  Ellie was really "hamming" it up for the camera before we left.  She now says "CHEESE" real big and loud...if you can't tell!

And please beware...if you enter our house with any sort of cup that has a straw...somebody will snatch it out of your hands FAST!  Sorry Mammie, Ellie drank all of your juice:)

After dinner, Aunt B and Uncle E joined Mammie to babysit so Don and I could go to a movie.  We love watching movies and have longed to go to the theater for a while now.  We enjoyed our couple of hours together so much.  Thank ya'll for driving all that way for us!

Tomorrow is our turn to keep the wild 2 year old's in the nursery and we plan to get a few things done outside.  Just the kind of weekend I like!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

As soon as we arrived back in Memphis from the whirlwind wedding weekend, our first stop was to pick up our sweet girl from my grandparents house.  We both missed her SO much but I am not sure she felt the same.  She seemed very excited to see us when we walked in but it did take her a minute to warm up to us.  I will admit, it hurt my feelings for a minute.  But then I realized what a blessing it is for her to have great-grandparents that are willing AND able to care for her for an entire weekend.   Thank you so much Granny and Grandonna!

When we got home, Ellie was OUT.  She napped until 7 that night!  I was prepared for a little "detox" so I let her sleep.  I didn't imagine bedtime being very easy so she napped and I unpacked and started laundry.  As soon as she woke up, we changed clothes and headed out for a little 4th of July family celebration.

First stop...YoLo!  Our town has opened up 2 new yogurt shops and it is a new favorite.  After yogurt, we ventured out to Pringles Park to watch the fireworks show!

Before the show started, we passed the time by throwing around the football.  Nothing more American than tossing the football in your flag dress.  Don was SO proud:)

Monday morning on the "real" July 4th, we headed up to the Kentucky Lake for Ellie's first lake trip and boat ride.  I was a little nervous about her being on the boat, but she LOVED it!

After we got home later that night, we had our own little fireworks show.  Don is like a big kid when it comes to fireworks so he was all about it.  Ellie didn't seem to mind them at all!

We had a great weekend but I am TIRED!  It may take me all week to recover!