Monday, February 28, 2011

On the mend...

**This is just so I will's not too interesting, just FYI!

And I can't post without any pictures, so here's one for the fam!

Ellie is LOVING her babies lately.  She holds, pats and "loves" on them constantly!

Since I last posted, we have been to the doctor twice to get Ellie's coughing/breathing under control. The first time we didn't see Dr. Amy because she was out of town so we saw the on call doctor.  She made me feel crazy and said Ellie just had a cold and to give her Tylenol and run the humidifier (which by the way, I was already doing both).  A few days later, she was much worse so I made another appointment with Dr. Amy.  Sure enough, she was wheezing and she immediately started her on a nebulizer breathing treatment.

I cannot even go in to detail how horrible that experience was.  Ellie acted like her legs were being cut off and that she was being tied down in a torture chamber.  I felt like I was in one myself!  They just flip the switch on the machine, hand you the mask, and say good luck!  It was awful.  I am sure everyone in the lobby could hear her screaming.  We left with Albuterol syrup and an antibiotic.  Thank goodness for that syrup because I seriously could not endure going through another one of those breathing treatments.  Thankfully, Ellie is much better, 6 days later.

We had a big weekend and she stayed up WAY past her bedtime Saturday.  She felt hot to me after we got home and was running a fever of 101.  This is big for her, she has never run a fever, ever.  I gave her Tylenol and hoped for the best.  She did not sleep at all Saturday night, so we stayed home from church again yesterday.  Poor thing just can't catch a break!  She woke up fever free yesterday but still refused to sleep.  We finally put her in the car and drove around so she could rest.

Hallelujah, last night she slept ALL night!  I woke up quite a few times to check on her because she seriously did not make a peep and it worried me.  That Albuterol is no joke.  Don thinks she may have been coming off of all of the meds and that was why she wasn't sleeping or eating well.  It was so hard to see her fussy and SO tired.  Thankfully, she is on the mend and I am making sure she gets back on her regular sleeping/eating schedule today.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some random happenings...

Nothing too exciting going on here...just thought I needed to do a quick update!
  • Ellie has a horrible croupy sounding cough and terrible runny nose.  I'm afraid it might be bronchitis again:(  She was pretty pitiful.
  • I let her "feed herself" apple sauce today.  That went well.  HA!
  • We had a girls date tonight at Chick-fil-a with Auntie Em...always fun!
  • We went to Elam's 1st birthday party last night and had a great time!
  • I broke out "the tracksuit" for Ellie to wear today.  She seriously looks cute in ANYTHING!  I've been calling her "sporty spice".
  • The whole milk situation is not going any better.  HELP!  She will not drink it.  Period.
  • She does however love these baby food pouches.  Too bad they are like $2.25 a pop!  Ouch.

  • I joined Twitter!  Follow me @emileey1.  I know, I know, just what I need... something else to become addicted to!  I put it off long enough.  It's so fun!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I know I said I don't get all hyped up about Valentine's day...but what girl turns down flowers from their hubby?!?!?!?

Doesn't she look sweet in her "heart" romper?  This is an $8 consignment sale it!

Here is our girl in her BIG GIRL car seat!  She loved it!  I know she has to be so much more comfortable.  

We bought Ellie an Elmo DVD since he is her newest obsession and have plans to grill out steaks tonight (thanks Mammie!) and probaby rent another Redbox.  I think we are slightly addicted:)  Happy Heart day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where is my baby?

It seems like Ellie has just changed over night.  She is walking all over the place, drinking from a straw (that's kind of a big deal!), eating more and  more table food, and only taking 1 bottle a day!

 Where is my baby?  Every time I see her take those sweet, wobbly, bow legged steps, the only word that pops into my head is TODDLER!  I have a toddler?  NO WAY!

We went to cousin Turner's 2nd birthday last weekend and she had a ball!  She hung right in there with the big kids.  The party was too cute and lots of fun.  Ellie got to enjoy a few bites of English muffin pizza, a cupcake AND some ice cream!

Another big more infant car seat!  I had put it off long enough, it was past time.  She has been in a convertible in Don's car for quite some time, but still in her Graco infant carrier in my car.  We finally bit the bullet and made a Target run last night.  As soon as Don gets it installed, you know there will be pictures!  I kept hearing how Britax were the safest you could buy, so that's what we went with.  I can't wait to see her reaction when she realizes she is facing forward.

Some more random happenings...she is really picking up on the "getting dressed" process.  She practically took her own pants off last night, and had a shirt in her hand the other day and threw it over her head like she was going to put it on herself.  Also, as I was getting ready to change her diaper one day, she was pointing to it and pushing on it like she was telling me "Mommy, I'm wet, take this thing off of me!"  I am hoping this is a sign of easy potty training in our future.  

Too much has happened to not document it all...If I don't watch it, she will start something else and I'll forget!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

On Monday, Don and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary!  Poor guy...Ellie's birthday is the 26th, our anniversary is the 31st, and my birthday is February 4th.  All within 9 days of each other!  He just shook his head at the mention of Valentine's day.  I don't get all hyped up about those holidays anymore...especially since we have joint bank accounts and it costs me money too! HA!

We took Ellie with us out to eat on Monday night and rented a Red Box.  You know you are an old, tired parent when you both fall asleep before the movie is over!  I think we were still recuperating from the big party weekend.  We are celebrating more on Friday night with dinner out in Memphis.  I don't mind combined celebrations!

Happy Anniversary to the best husband and father ever!  Thank you for always putting up with me, never complaining and taking care of us.  Here's to many, many more!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

12 months

Ellie, you are a whole year old!  I really cannot believe it.  You have grown and changed so much and you are the sweetest, happiest (most of the time!) most content baby.  I am so proud to be your mommy!

First of all, you are walking!  You really only do it when we stand you up and cheer you on, but you take 4 or 5 steps so well!  I know you will be on the go very soon.

You have become a very picky eater recently.  You could pretty much live on yogurt if I let you.  You like your cheese puffs, cereal bars, crackers, pasta, and tonight you ate spaghetti for dinner with us and you loved it!

We had your 12 month appointment the other day and Dr. Amy said you were perfect.  We are starting you on whole milk but so far that hasn't gone over too well.  You are doing better with your sippy cup, though!

Weight:  23 lbs. 12 oz.  90%
Height:  31 inches 95%
Head 97%

You say hi, bye bye, ba ba (bottle), Da Da.  You speak your own language the rest of the time.  You love to look in the mirror and talk to yourself.  You wave at EVERYTHING!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  We love you SO much:)

Party #2 and the party guests.

Since we don't live in town with much family and our house was bursting at the seams on Saturday,  we decided to have 2 parties.  Peeps and DeDe graciously agreed to hold  the second party at their house and we just had family and a few close friends join us.

 We used all of the same decor, candy, and invitations (with the dates changed) and just ordered another cake.

Here are a few pictures of our guests from both parties.  I wish I had been a better photographer on Sunday, I was just going with the flow by that point!  Thanks to Don's cousin Karen and my SIL, Amy for shooting the smash cake pictures for me.  They both got some great shots.  

Sorry for the picture overload, but I can't just choose a few!  I think Ellie's parties turned out pretty great, and we all had a lot of fun.  I think I am finally recuperated!  Poor Don, he has 2 birthdays and our anniversary all with in 1 week.  It's a month long celebration in our house!