Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some random happenings...

Nothing too exciting going on here...just thought I needed to do a quick update!
  • Ellie has a horrible croupy sounding cough and terrible runny nose.  I'm afraid it might be bronchitis again:(  She was pretty pitiful.
  • I let her "feed herself" apple sauce today.  That went well.  HA!
  • We had a girls date tonight at Chick-fil-a with Auntie Em...always fun!
  • We went to Elam's 1st birthday party last night and had a great time!
  • I broke out "the tracksuit" for Ellie to wear today.  She seriously looks cute in ANYTHING!  I've been calling her "sporty spice".
  • The whole milk situation is not going any better.  HELP!  She will not drink it.  Period.
  • She does however love these baby food pouches.  Too bad they are like $2.25 a pop!  Ouch.

  • I joined Twitter!  Follow me @emileey1.  I know, I know, just what I need... something else to become addicted to!  I put it off long enough.  It's so fun!

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  1. Briley won't touch whole milk either! We actually kept her on the bottle (starting whole milk when she turned one) till she was 19 months when we saw she wasn't going to drink it from the sippy and I was paranoid about her not drinking it at all. We finally had to stop the bottle per the doc orders and she had no issue with that she just wont drink it period now. So she hasn't had milk in 3 months. Really frustrating. The doctor told us to supplement with cheese, yogurt (which she hates), and ice cream so thats what we try to do. Good luck!! I hope she comes around.