Monday, January 30, 2017

Ellie is SEVEN!

Well, long time no see!  Not sure if this will be a more regular occurrence-but I decided to dust off the blog and give a quick update.  

We have had a wonderful year!  Miller is growing like a weed, talking huge words, carrying on excellent conversations, and just plugging right along.  He is so sweet and loving and pleasant 90% of the time.  He melts me on a daily basis.  

Ellie is so grown up!  She has really blossomed this year and seems to have learned SO much in first grade.  Her reading has really improved but she seems to love math the most.  She is still taking dance on Tuesdays, voice on Thursdays, and enters pageants every now and then as well.  She keeps us busy!  We also participate in Kirk Kids at church on Wednesday nights and Awana on Sundays.  She rarely complains about her busy schedule and loves school almost every day.  

With the kids getting older, I finally feel like it is getting easier to do every day things.  No more diaper bags or cribs in this house!  While I am sad that we are no longer in the baby phase, I am really enjoying this "bigger" kid stage even more.  They still have their moments, no doubt.  But life is good!  

Last week, Ellie turned SEVEN!  That just sounds so old! To celebrate, she had a 3 friends over to play after school on her actual birthday.  We ordered pizza and had cake and ice cream.  If I am being honest, I think we are finished with BIG parties for her.  She and I both enjoy a more low key celebration and this was just perfect!

BB, Eric, and Mammie had flowers and balloons delivered to her after school.  It was SUCH a fun surprise!

The Saturday after her birthday we headed to Memphis.  We picked up our sweet friend Ali and headed downtown to have afternoon tea at the Peabody.  It was the perfect way to celebrate our 7 year old!  The girls were so cute and funny.

They had "duckie tea" caramel apple flavored.  We had 3 courses of delicious treats.  All kinds of yummy sandwiches, scones, and desserts.  It was fabulous!

Taking selfies and making Instagram story videos.  Silly girls!

It was a wonderful day and one I know we will never forget.