Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, it was bound to happen.  I've actually been told we are lucky.  Ellie is 25 months old and has her first stomach virus.  Poor, sweet girl.

I don't do throw up well.  I actually wanted to myself while scrubbing the carpet, rinsing the sheets, and disinfecting the crib.  But I didn't.  I survived!  And my sweet girl has been such a trooper.  I am sure I scared her with my panicky self chasing her around with a bowl trying to "catch" any of it I could.  (Sorry, TMI).  Two year old's don't really grasp the concept of "aim" or "warning" if you catch my drift.  

I really think this may have been God's way of telling us to SLOW DOWN.  We've had lots of road trips, car naps, and overall busy-ness the last few days.  A day at home is just what we needed, so I cancelled my appointments and we are home watching Belle, Nemo, and Barney while grocery shopping and playing dress up.

Thanks to Daddy for jumping up in the middle of the night with me and calming us both down.  He said he wasn't sure who cried or Ellie. Typical:)

  He also made Gatorade runs, helped with laundry and did lots of cuddling. So thankful!!

So glad she's on the mend now!

Having a sick baby is so hard!  We are lucky it doesn't happen very often around here.

I need to get back to Lysol-ing!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's go fly a kite

I mentioned yesterday that Don bought Ellie a kite on President's day.  This has been the perfect week to play outside and we have definitely been taking advantage of the beautiful weather!

I finally got my camera out after a little break.  My phone is so convenient and the 4S takes such good pictures that it has just been easier to take pictures that way.  I finally decided I needed to give my new lens a real try so we went outside to play and fly our kite!

Ellie kept saying "Daddy, fly my kite!"  She is so bossy, but loved every minute.  Being outside is her happy place!

She suckered me into a pair of sunglasses in the Target dollar spot.  They have been on her head ever since!

If only it would stay this nice forever!

How do you like that outfit?  Guess I finally need to blog about our big news!

 Soon, I promise:)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iPhone update

Things have been pretty calm around here, and it has been nice!  I did think it was time for a few cute pictures, though.

Check out this hair!  I call it "big girl hair".  When it straightens out she looks so much older to me.  I love her curls but I like it straight, too!

Sweet cheeks after church.  I could just eat her up!

We put quite a few Christmas gifts away to save for a rainy day.  We brought this out the other day and it was a huge hit!

My silly little lunch date!  She is so funny.

Ellie loves stickers and talked about playing with them all weekend.  Don had a dentist appointment yesterday and came home with a few treats for her!  A kite and stickers!!  Such a sweet Daddy.  

Singing in the rain!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day

Here is my little Valentine before MDO this morning!

She really wanted to eat that chocolate sucker for breakfast but I wouldn't let her....poor deprived child!

Ellie was asked to send Valentines to school to share with her class.   I really wanted something homemade so I followed in DeDe's footsteps and made these!

We handed these out to family over the weekend:)

We got Ellie The Lion King on DVD and let her open it last night so we could watch it.  Is it bad that I secretly get her these movies because I want to watch them?!?!  I just love Disney Classics.

Happy Heart Day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Party Party Party

We've had lots of celebrations going on this week!

Between Ellie's birthday, our anniversary, my birthday, and a cousins birthday and gender reveal party, it has been a non-stop party in our house...and it's not over yet!

Don took me to Flight for my birthday dinner Friday night.  It was so good and nice to enjoy and meal in peace:)  We even saw a late movie after.  We had a free babysitters (Peeps and DeDe) and were still home and in bed by 9.  We are old!

Ellie is acquiring quite the social life!  Our refrigerator constantly looks like this...and I love it!  I love celebrating with all of our little friends and family.  It makes for full weekends, but that is our life these days.  Ellie is becoming a pro at singing the "Happy Birthday" song.

My mom has made me a homemade strawberry cake for my birthday for as long as I can remember.  So sweet:)  We had this for breakfast on my birthday!

I had a great birthday!  Don even surprised me with a new bracelet that was a HUGE surprise.  I guess 29 isn't so bad after all:)

  Glad the parties in our house are finally over though, all these cakes need to GO!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

As random as it gets

I still have a lot of catching up to do, but for now I thought I would give a little update via my iPhone.

Princess Ellie wants to play dress up 24/7.  It's the first thing she asks for every morning as soon as she wakes up.  It is SO much fun and just cracks me up.  She even got one more dress with a birthday gift card and b-day money after her 2 year check up.  Don is such a good sport about it too.  Tinkerbell and Barney may always be on at our house but he never complains!  At least in one picture she has a ball in her hands:)  Let me just say, the girl can walk in some heels!

It has been so nice outside that we've been out to play every afternoon!  I am loving this weather!  She is getting so good at her tricycle.

Ellie had her 2 year check up the other day.  She is just perfect!  Aside from some ongoing tummy issues, it was a fairly uneventful visit.  I just LOVE Dr. Amy.  I know I always say that but she is so great and she just loves Ellie.  Two year stats:  31.1 pounds 90%, 37" tall >97% (off the charts!).  She is a tall girl!

Yesterday Don and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary!  He was so sweet to order flowers and have them delivered.  Leave it to me to ruin the surprise and call him freaking out about some "sketchy" people banging on our door.  His response "well were they delivering anything?"  I still didn't catch on.  DUH!  Anyway, it ended up not being the florist and my flowers showed up a couple hours later. :)  I am still wondering who that weird guy was that was banging on the door...

We grilled a yummy dinner and ate late after E went to bed.  It was SO good!  I saw this recipe on Pinterest for the Pioneer Woman's crash hot potatoes.  Don had a fit over them.  They really were so good and easy!

That's all I've got for now!