Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's go fly a kite

I mentioned yesterday that Don bought Ellie a kite on President's day.  This has been the perfect week to play outside and we have definitely been taking advantage of the beautiful weather!

I finally got my camera out after a little break.  My phone is so convenient and the 4S takes such good pictures that it has just been easier to take pictures that way.  I finally decided I needed to give my new lens a real try so we went outside to play and fly our kite!

Ellie kept saying "Daddy, fly my kite!"  She is so bossy, but loved every minute.  Being outside is her happy place!

She suckered me into a pair of sunglasses in the Target dollar spot.  They have been on her head ever since!

If only it would stay this nice forever!

How do you like that outfit?  Guess I finally need to blog about our big news!

 Soon, I promise:)

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