Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ellie's party...cake and gifts!

After everyone arrived (including Don...he had to work!) we got the party started.  Since we didn't have food, we right away undressed Ellie down to her bloomers, bib, and party hat and we got to singing!  I obviously thought she would get a lot messier than she did, but I really didn't want her to mess up that dress!

We asked everyone to please not bring any gifts, but only a few followed directions, of course!  Ellie made out with quite a few smocked outfits (they know me too well!) some toys and books, wonderful savings bonds (awesome!) a pink princess 4-wheeler, a new playhouse for the backyard and a semester of Kindermusik, among lots of other fun things. Everyone was so sweet to spoil our baby once again with so much nice stuff.   Uncle Matt and Aunt Rachel made a donation to St. Jude in Ellie's name, which I thought was just perfect, and Mammie had a family heirloom re-done just for Ellie!  This rocking chair has been in the family for over 100 years.  She had it painted and a new seat put on it and had it personalized with Ellie's name.  She really enjoyed rocking in it before the party.

 Saturday was a great day.  Our tiny house was packed full, I think we had 32 piled in and we were all worn out by that night.  Sunday was another day full of partying, details on that party next!

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