Friday, February 11, 2011

Where is my baby?

It seems like Ellie has just changed over night.  She is walking all over the place, drinking from a straw (that's kind of a big deal!), eating more and  more table food, and only taking 1 bottle a day!

 Where is my baby?  Every time I see her take those sweet, wobbly, bow legged steps, the only word that pops into my head is TODDLER!  I have a toddler?  NO WAY!

We went to cousin Turner's 2nd birthday last weekend and she had a ball!  She hung right in there with the big kids.  The party was too cute and lots of fun.  Ellie got to enjoy a few bites of English muffin pizza, a cupcake AND some ice cream!

Another big more infant car seat!  I had put it off long enough, it was past time.  She has been in a convertible in Don's car for quite some time, but still in her Graco infant carrier in my car.  We finally bit the bullet and made a Target run last night.  As soon as Don gets it installed, you know there will be pictures!  I kept hearing how Britax were the safest you could buy, so that's what we went with.  I can't wait to see her reaction when she realizes she is facing forward.

Some more random happenings...she is really picking up on the "getting dressed" process.  She practically took her own pants off last night, and had a shirt in her hand the other day and threw it over her head like she was going to put it on herself.  Also, as I was getting ready to change her diaper one day, she was pointing to it and pushing on it like she was telling me "Mommy, I'm wet, take this thing off of me!"  I am hoping this is a sign of easy potty training in our future.  

Too much has happened to not document it all...If I don't watch it, she will start something else and I'll forget!

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  1. Oh my goodness, she's growing too fast! I know you're enjoying every minute with her.
    She'll love being able to see you when she rides in the car now. I can't wait for Nyla to hit that point, in 5 short months!
    Our girls are growing so quickly!
    I can't believe you have a toddler, crazy!!!