Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nice weekend...

And it's not over yet!  

We are actually in town this weekend and it has been SO nice.  We haven't had anything on the agenda except Will"s (or Bubba, as Ellie calls him) first birthday party!  Leigh did such a good job on all the details and we all had tons of fun!

Ellie crashed in the car on the way home from the party and Don soon followed her on the couch!  Mammie came this afternoon to visit and took us to Cracker Barrel.  Ellie was really "hamming" it up for the camera before we left.  She now says "CHEESE" real big and loud...if you can't tell!

And please beware...if you enter our house with any sort of cup that has a straw...somebody will snatch it out of your hands FAST!  Sorry Mammie, Ellie drank all of your juice:)

After dinner, Aunt B and Uncle E joined Mammie to babysit so Don and I could go to a movie.  We love watching movies and have longed to go to the theater for a while now.  We enjoyed our couple of hours together so much.  Thank ya'll for driving all that way for us!

Tomorrow is our turn to keep the wild 2 year old's in the nursery and we plan to get a few things done outside.  Just the kind of weekend I like!


  1. Stopping in from Jenna's. Your blog is great, and your daughter is a cutie. Enjoy every moment cuz it goes too fast. :)

  2. Stoppinb by from Jenna's. Ellie is too cute!! Looks like your family had a fun weekend.

  3. Love your blog!! We have a little girl too :)
    Ellie is precious!

  4. stopping by from Jenna's. We have a little girl also who is a few months younger than yours.