Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Excitement

Happy Holy Week! I have always loved Easter because it just feels like a new beginning. I am especially excited this year because it is Ellie's 1st Easter and I want to make all of her Holidays super special. We will all be dressed up and I just can't wait to take a family picture. I know that sounds silly, but to me it's the little things. We may even take a family trip to Donnell Century Farm on Saturday before we head to Memphis so she can see the Easter bunny and all of the spring baby animals. I know she has NO clue what is going on, but the memories will be for us and it is something else I will be able to tell her about when she gets older. I am also excited because the forecast is calling for a BEAUTIFUL day on Sunday! I have so many memories of cold, rainy Easter Sundays in high school when we had to sing at the Sunrise Service and it was always moved inside because of the yucky weather. Playing the Easter Bunny this year will also be another first. I didn't put any candy in her basket because yours truly would be the one eating it, but I did manage to get Ellie ready for our beach trip this summer! I ordered her basket from PB Kids and she is getting a beach towel with her name on it , a pair of sunglasses, a cute little surfer shirt to protect her from that hot sun, a few books, those cute bunny ears from the previous post (gotta love those Target $1 bins!) a bunny rattle, a Baby's First Easter bib and a few other goodies. I probably over did it this year, but I just can't help myself.
I also created a cute little pacifier that will match her Easter dress. I LOVE IT! I am not crafty at all, but I will attempt a few projects that I know I can do. I have made quite a few of these now and have started giving them as gifts. They are fun and EASY! I just went to the scrapbooking aisle in Target or Hobby Lobby and found stick on rhinestones and pearls. The key is to buy the Avent pacis. I like these so much anyway, and they have the perfect place to stick the "bling"! The paci's come in packs of 2 for around $5.99 so with the pearls or rhinestones added on, they only cost around $3-4 compared to the $20 boutique price. Can't beat that! I have even run hers throught the sterilizer 3 or 4 times and the stones haven't fallen off! The white one with the pearls is the one that matches her Easter dress:)
Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather. I think Ellie and I may break out the stroller and go for a walk around the neighborhood and then maybe out to look for Daddy a new tie. TJ Maxx and Stein Mart have great ties for cheap! And we wish you all a very Happy Easter. We are having lunch with my ENTIRE family at Jim's Place East after church. It should be very interesting with a 3 year old, 14 month old, an almost 10 week old and 14 adults. Wish us all luck!

This picture is because I can't post without a picture of this sweet face. It is All About Ellie afterall!


  1. yay!! LOVE her Easter basket!! (gotta love PBK!) can't wait to see her cute dress.. i just know it's going to be adorable! ;)

  2. Okay so I also got Emerson that rattle and we love Advent pacis...a definite fav!! Hope you have a wonderful Easter and I also cant wait to see pictures.