Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

We have had such a fun weeked. We started off Ellie's first Easter with a trip to visit the Easter Bunny! We changed plans last minute and just went to the mall to have her picture made. She did great. We even got a little grin and a dimple out of her:)

After pics we headed to Memphis to spend the weekend with my side of the family. My mom cooked for us Saturday night and it was delish! After dinner Don and I went over to Matt and Rachel's new house to check it out since he had not seen it. It is so cute! This morning we somehow made it to 8:15 and all! I still am not sure how we managed to get us all dressed and out the door, but we did and Ellie did great on her first trip to church. She got a tiny bit fussy and hungry towards the end so we snuck out to eat out in the lobby. Everyone got to see her after the service and we even walked over to my parents Sunday School class so they could show her off to everyone there.
We had some time before lunch so we went back to my parents house and I packed up all of our stuff (it looked like we packed for a week, not just 1 night!) and we rested a little bit before lunch. Lunch was fun, and interesting! We had to wait a while and we were a large party so I am sure the waiter was glad to get rid of us! All in all in was still a lot of fun to be with all of our family. We had to rush out of lunch which I hated, but unfortunately Don had to be at work at 5. Who works on Easter? Oh my husband does. Along with Thanksgiving, and Labor Day, President's Day...anyway I was NOT happy we had to go and neither was he. Oh, the life of a coach's wife! I just don't know if I will ever get used to his crazy schedule. Overall, I still think Ellie's first Easter was pretty special. She looked so pretty in her sweet dress and did great all day. I love my little bunny so much!

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