Tuesday, April 20, 2010

12 weeks...still spitting up :(

So I really have no news any different from yesterday. We are still wearing t-shirts (me) and onesies and bibs (Ellie) because of all of this spit up! I am really starting to think we have a tummy issue going on. I am trying not to be that Mom that calls the pediatrician for every little thing, but if this is still going on tomorrow morning I am calling. Ellie is a spitter. That is a fact. But this is not just a little spit up every other feeding or so. It is a continuous thing that is really starting to bother me. I feel so sorry for her! Maybe it's reflux, or maybe it's because we think she is also teething (at 3 months, I know lucky me!) who knows. I just want it to go away!
Now on to the fun stuff. Guess who is 12 weeks old?!?!?! Can you believe it? Oh and I also forgot to blog about her 11 week birthday, so I will post those pics as well. I thought I would also give a few facts about this big 12 week old!

  • She is wearing size 1 diapers

  • Taking 5 oz bottles every 3 hours during the day

  • Sleeping GREAT at night! I put her down around 9:30 after she eats and she sleeps until around 6 am

  • She has become quite the traveler! She does great in the car. I hope this 9 hour ride to the beach doesn't change that:)

  • She is still wearing some 0-3 clothes, some 3 month stuff and even fitting into a few 6 month outfits...growing girl!

  • Her hair is really growing. Just a little bit more and I can quit using the stick on bows and headbands. I am ready to use all the REAL bows she has:)

We are going to visit Brooke and Ali again tomorrow night. I can't wait to see them again!

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