Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Stuff

I am not a neat freak by any means. In fact, my parents used to call me a "slob" as a teenager. Clothes on the floor, bed never made, and so on. When I was pregnant, the nesting instinct definitely kicked in towards the end. We had the carpets cleaned, Merry Maids came and deep cleaned the house, my mom took off work on my due date (since Miss Thing decided to come 4 days late!) and helped sterilize bottles, wash baby clothes and make our thanks for visiting goodies. Since Ellie has been home, I'd like to think I have kept our house in better order than ever. I don't know why or how I have managed to do this but I am pretty proud of myself! Older homes seem to be harder to clean to me (or maybe that's just my excuse). Some things just never look clean no matter how much you scrub because they are just old! I think things have seemed neater and straightened up because I am constantly washing dishes and doing laundry and picking up. Before, I would let it pile up until I couldn't stand it anymore or until we had a full load. These days, we always have enough for a full load! Our house is small, but cozy. We have very limited storage, but we have learned to make do (for now)! My brother Matt, put it best. He said "yall use every inch of this house very well, it doesn't seem cramped" and for the most part, I think he is right.
With all of that being said, our house will still never be the same. Babies come with a TON of stuff! Swings, bouncy seats, boppy's, bumbos, baby monitors, bottle warmers, drying racks, play gyms, tummy time mats, car seats, moses baskets, and so on! Yes all of this new stuff takes up more room, but it has now just become part of our everyday decor.
The monitor sits on my bedside table now.
There is always a bottle waiting to be scrubbed!
I don't know what we would do without these 2 things somedays!
A baby's gotta eat! Formula, bottles, a warmer and Mylicon have found their place on our counter.
The diaper bag is always waiting for us at the door!

I love seeing her baby stuff everywhere. It means she is a part of this house too. I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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