Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Road Warrior

Going back to work has been easier and a lot better than I expected. I had my first 2 presentations Monday and 1 today and they all went great. I was afraid I would be a little rusty but it all came back to me the minute I started speaking. I also managed to get lots of drop by visits in today that should up my numbers which will look good on my report! The only thing about going back to work that has taken some getting used to is all of the driving! I have been to and from Memphis 2 times and met my parents halfway twice since Sunday on top of driving to and from Wayne county (2 hours from Jackson, each way) twice this week! I guess I am making up for all of those miles I missed out on while out on maternity leave. Ellie has done great with my parents and grandparents, still sleeping through the night and eating like a champ! I really can't get over what a good baby she is. We are SO SO lucky!

After work Monday I drove to Memphis to pick her up and we met Brooke for dinner at Newks and went and saw Ali's nursery! It is so cute and she has tons of stuff just waiting on her. I can't believe Ali could be here in 3 weeks!

Tuesday after work we made another trip to Memphis so Ellie could spend the night with Peeps and De De. I just happened to work out that Don's cousin John and his wife Tori were flying in from Russia that night! We were SO glad we got to join the family and welcome them home. Knox is the sweetest thing ever and we are so glad they are finally here. Seeing them walk down the hallway pushing him in his stroller still makes me tear up every time I think about it. I know they have waited so long for him and he is finally theirs! I have posted their link once before but you can read their entire adoption story at They are also West Tennessee celebrities! WBBJ Jackson news did a great story on them tonight. I hope they post it on their website. Here are a few pics from the airport.

Everyone waiting with their signs Karen made.

Matti and Ellie waiting on Knox
Ellie with her sweet cousins patiently waiting

Daddy and Knox. Is he not the cutest thing??

Welcome home Knox!!!

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