Monday, March 1, 2010

Ellie's room

The day I found out I was pregnant the first thing I thought of was NURSERY!! I started window shopping online right away and quickly found ideas of what I wanted to do for a boy or a girl. We decided to use the smaller bedroom which was my office for the nursery and leave the guest bedroom as is.

We painted the walls a light green and thebacks of the shelving a bubblegum pink. I ended up finding the website and that is where I purchased Ellie's crib bedding. I absolutely LOVE it! I love paisley prints and knew I wanted to go with pink and green, so this Hannah bedding was perfect.

Next up was furniture. My sweet grandparents were my personal shoppers and went all over Memphis scouting out baby furniture. We actually ended up getting a great deal at the Memphis Navy Exchange on her crib. I had a hard time deciding on white vs. antique white, but now I am very happy with the antique white. I ordered her dresser/changing table from JC Penney and I think it is perfect for her little room. I wish there had been room for a rocking chair, but it would have just been too cramped. Her rug came from Pottery Barn Kids and the lamp I made myself! I got insipiration from the $100 Pottery Barn Kids lamp and ended up making mine for around $40. I actually think I like my version better! Don's cousin Karen made the vinyl initial letters on the wall, and my grandmother made the curtains. The chandelier was actually in my nursery as a baby and I think it is so sweet in here. We cleaned it up and added new bulbs and I just love it!

This room had built in shelving surrounding the window and it has been great for all of the picture frames and knick nacks we have received. The wicker toy chest came from Don's grandmother. It was originally white so I just spray painted it off white and my grandmother made a cushion to match the curtains. I think it turned out cute. Hanging on the wall is Ellie's christening gown that Don's mom gave her. It is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait for her to wear it. We signed up for the first year baby plan with our photographer so she will wear it in her 3 month portraits.

I had so much fun decorating this room. I will be sad when she outgrows her crib but luckily it is convertible and can be turned into a toddler bed, day bed, and eventually a full size big girl bed!


  1. That looks like such a pretty room! You guys did a wonderful job! Saw your lampshade on CSI project link, so cute!

  2. I love your baby girls nursery room! We did similar colors in ours (pink and green) and used polka dot accents. Your PB inspired lamp is so cute :-)

    -Desiree @ Just Another Day In Paradise

  3. Such an adorable little nursery! I love how the chandelier is perfect for your daughters room AND was in your room as a little girl. So special! Note to self: save cute light fixtures for my future kids! (: