Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's not all about me anymore

I have quickly come to realize how much time I had on my hands before baby Ellie came along. I could pick up and go as I pleased, sleep in on the weekends, and so on. Now every move I make has to be well planned and thought out before we can ever get out the door! My first true test of balancing baby and life came Saturday. We dropped Minnie off at the groomer around noon and they told us she would not be ready until 5 that night. Don decided he wanted to go watch his cousin's first boxing match, so he left to go around 4:30. So 5 o'clock rolled around I get Ellie in the carseat, fastened and secure in the car, and my phone rings. It's PetSmart saying Minnie wouldn't be ready until 6! Now normally this would not be a big deal. I would just stay in the car and maybe run to the grocery store or something. But keep in mind I have a 6 1/2 week old, it's getting dark and spitting rain, and I am alone!! So, after a little huffing and puffing I get Ellie back out of the car and we go back inside to wait another hour. Luckily Minnie was ready at 6, but the next true test was getting my crazy dog and my baby and her heavy carseat from the store, through the parking lot, and into the car! Oh what a sight I was. I wish I had thought to snap a picture, but I was too stressed to think about anything but getting all 3 of us in the car safely. I ended up grabbing a shopping cart and sitting Ellie in her carseat on top. I threw Minnie in the cart as well and wheeled us all to the car. All in all, it worked out better than I imagined, and I breathed a sigh of relief as soon as we were all back in the car. Nothing is easy anymore, but it's definitely all worth it. My life was so boring!!!! These are a few things I have come to realize in Ellie's short 7 weeks of life:

  • It doesn't matter if I haven't eaten lunch. Ellie and her bottle come first! My meal can wait. (and that helps with these last 9 pounds of baby weight!)

  • I may not have showered today, but you better believe my baby will NOT be sitting in a dirty diaper or go 2 days without a bath!!

  • I may have piles a mile high of my laundry, but her clothes will be washed daily. Set-in formula stains just will not do!

  • I may need a new Easter dress, but that money now goes to formula, diapers, and a pretty cute Easter basket filled with goodies for Ellie.

It's not all about me anymore, and I am A-OK with that!

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