Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I survived...

Monday started out with us meeting Leigh for lunch. After lunch, I had some errands to run, but it was spitting rain and a little chilly so Leigh helped me out BIG time by following me to the dry cleaners and post office and sitting in the car with Ellie while I ran in and got some things taken care of! I guess I took for granted how easy it used to be to just run in somewhere before Ellie arrived. Now her huge heavy car seat and the weird weather just don't make it very easy anymore. So thank you Leigh for your help! I promise to return the favor when baby Will arrives:)
Monday night was the day I had been dreading. I had to leave my sweet girl for the first time:( I am not officially back to work until April 6th and my first appointment isn't until the 12th, but we had a training in Nashville yesterday that I really needed to attend. So Monday night we met my parents for dinner in Brownsville and I handed her over! I boo hood the whole way home that night, but I did fine yesterday! She wasn't even away from me for 24 hours, but it just felt so weird when we got home and she wasn't there. I told Don I would either sleep great, or I wouldn't sleep at all. Well...I maybe got 2 hours! That is ok though. My meeting went by fast and it was good to see all of my co-workers. A little adult conversation was nice, and I couldn't wait to pick her up yesterday afternoon! All in all, I survived and I got that dreaded day over with. I just wish I didn't have to work at all...HA!!!

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