Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our 1st baby

Don has started reading our blog and told me I needed to write a post on our first baby, our dog Minnie...Minnie has been the baby in our lives for almost 4 years now. Don and I had been dating for about a year and half when I brought her home and he quickly got VERY attached to her. He used to walk her for me when I lived in my apartment and when friends would drive by and see him walking her they would always chuckle at such a big guy walking such a tiny dog. It really was a sight, but also kinda cute at the same time. So before Ellie was born, everyone's big question was "oh no, what about Minnie, what is she going to think of a new baby in the house"? We both wondered the same thing, hoping Minnie would be able to handle the transition to having a little sister ok. At Christmas, my parents gave us the book Good Dog, Carl and changed the name Carl to Minnie. It is the story of a dog who is left home alone (what?) with a baby and their adventures while Mommy is away. While the story itself is kind of disturbing, it's kind of sweet in a way too. Minnie's behavior was questionable there for a while, but now that she has had time to adjust she really is doing better than I thought she would. She pretty much ignored Ellie for the first few weeks. Now she is a little braver and tries to sniff and lick (which is NOT allowed, don't worry Mom and Granny!) but still for the most part leaves her alone. I got really nervous and extremely angry when she peed on the rug in Ellie's room and got a hold of one of her baby blankets. Thank goodness that happened before she was born when she was still trying to figure out what was going on. After all, the office was HER room first! She had her own couch and plenty of space to lay around and do as she pleased. The office is now Ellie's room so poor Minnie doesn't have her couch anymore. At least now when Ellie starts to cry or even barely wimper, she will come running over to her to check and make sure she is ok. It is very sweet. I just hope it stays that way! We still love Minnie, but she has indeed taken a back seat. She will always be our first baby, but now we have one that needs us a little more:)

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