Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew! We have been busy the past few days. This past Friday, we were invited to attend Play Group! Even though Ellie can't really "play" yet, it was good to get out and meet other Mom's and kids. I definitely got a taste of what we are in for in a couple of years...there was always one kid crying or screaming, or falling off the slide! We are going to be busy! They had a little Easter party for the kids, so Ellie of course had to dress the part! I love her little bunny shirt!

After playgroup, we met Aunt Jenny for lunch at McAlisters and ran a bunch of errands to get ready for Cathy's shower on Saturday night. We took Ellie to the mall for the first time, and Jenny made me take a picture. It was definitely fitting that Ellie had her first mall trip with Jenny!

Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Memphis. Don started spring football this weekend so he was busy with practice. My mom decided to host her own "Sip and See" so all of her Memphis friends could see baby Ellie. She went all out and had some great snacks and even had cookies made with her initials on them. Everything was so nice and lots of people came!

As soon as the last guest left the sip and see, I had to get ready for another party! My college friend Cathy is getting married on May 1st and I helped host a wedding shower for her Saturday night. Jenny was in charge of decor and did a great job! Kandice and everyone else that helped with food went all out...we had TONS of food and it was all delicious. My picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea of the table. It was kind of a wine theme. We also had cute little favors for everyone. It was great to see some old friends and catch up, but I couldn't wait to get home to my sweet girl!Sunday morning, Ellie and I played hookie from church and hung out in our pj's until it was time for me to get ready for my last party of the weekend...a Baby Shower for Brooke and baby Ali! I am so mad because we didn't take a picture, but here is one of us at my baby shower back in November. Brooke got tons of cute stuff for Ali, they should be set! Baby Ali will be here before we know it!

We got back to Jackson around 6:30 last night and have taken it pretty easy today. We did get out for a second to run by Sonic Happy Hour and surprise Daddy with a drink! Now it's time to get ready for the Easter Bunny!
Poor baby...she's really going to hate me one day!

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  1. Sweet pictures! Love the bunny ears!!!!
    So glad we finally got to meet sweet Ellie.
    You're looking great and I hope you both continue to do well!
    Can't wait until our girls can play together!!!