Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Weekend

We have had a good weekend. Nothing too exciting to report, just the norm. Lots of dishes, LOTS of laundry! I noticed on our utility bill that our water bill has TRIPLED since we brought Ellie home. Don and I were both the types to do laundry only when we had NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING left to wear, so we probably did laundry maybe once a month. Now I do atleast 1 load a day of Ellie's clothes and run the dishwasher faithfully every day. I know I keep saying this, but my how times have changed! On Saturday we ran a few errands and did a little shopping. Don has been needing a new suit for some time now, so we finally broke down and bought him one. I must say, it is very nice! I think I am just as excited about him having a new suit as he is. While we were out, I ran in to pick up a little outfit I had monogrammed for Ellie. Since I was in the store, I of course had to look around. They were having an Easter sale where you picked an egg and got anywhere from 15-50% off! I ended up finding a sweet little smocked dress, and picked an egg for 15% off! Gotta love a sale! The bubble suit looks orange in this picture, but it is really hot pink.

On another note, I have a new favorite baby item...Gripe Water! Have any of you heard of it?
I had not until a few people mentioned it to me. This is the best stuff ever! Ellie gets the hiccups almost daily and it takes them away instantly every time. It also calms the tummy for colic. I don't think she has had colic, maybe a little bit, but I will now swear by this stuff and throw it in with any baby gift I give from now on!

I am now getting ready for more visitors this week. Auntie Em is coming to see us tomorrow and Brooke and Jessica may come Thursday! I have tons of clothes to put away and need to clean, clean, clean! I better do it now while Lil Bit is asleep!

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