Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching up

Whew!  We have had a crazy, busy, wild and hectic week and I am SO glad it is over.  I feel like we have been going nonstop for a week straight so a day at home is just what we needed!

This weekend Ellie and I headed to the great sate of Arkansas to watch Don's team play.  Planning and packing for a road trip with an 8 month old is no joke.  I of course over packed and had way too much stuff but I like to be prepared!  This silly weather doesn't help.  I don't know how to dress her!  She looked pretty cute in her navy pants and white shirt though.  She even wore shoes but didn't quite know what to think about them!  It was too funny.  It was chilly at the game so I am glad we had 2 jackets, a sweater, plenty of blankets and a hat!  She was so sweet all bundled up:)

 After some sweet potatoes and fruit, I strolled her around the stadium and she went straight to sleep.  She was SO good.  I was really relieved.  I should have known...she's always pretty darn good!

The best part of our trip (and the main reason why we went) was visiting with my sis Kelly and her husband and kiddos!  We don't get to see them nearly enough, so I though this was the perfect excuse for us to go see their house and visit.  They came to the game with us and cheered on LU even though it was not a great turnout once again.  BOO!!!!  Bad officials and some mistakes really hurt us.  Oh well, at least this week they are off to recuperate and rest for the next game.
Good news...we are finally all clear of ear infections!  Bad news,her awful runny nose is back!  It's just always something.  I hate it for her!  We are keeping up with the Claritin and boogie wipes.  Let's hope that helps!!

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