Thursday, October 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life...Children's Rooms

I decided to participate in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" today because Ellie's room is my favorite room in our house.  It has changed a little bit since the last time I posted.  We have the humidifier set up and the lamp I made is in need of repair, so it is off of the dresser for now.  We spend lots of time at the changing table it seems like but I find myself dressing her on the floor more because she just won't sit still!

The crib is made by Delta and is the "Jayden" crib.  I had her bedding made from a store out of Mobile, AL called Polka Tot Designs.  They were wonderful to work with and I LOVE her bedding and everything else they have.  I will definitely be ordering from them again SOMEDAY;)  
The wall color I cannot remember but it is Valspar from Lowe's.  The pink on the backs of the shelves is made by Behr.  
We ordered her dresser from J.C. Penney and I love how it matches the crib color perfectly.  I am so glad I went with Antique White!  My mom and grandmother made the curtain valance and I love how it coordinates with the bedding fabric and our Moses Basket.  The rug is from Pottery Barn Kids.  The chandelier was in my  nursery as a baby and I love it in here.  It also adds a special sentimental touch.
I am so glad we had these shelves in her room.  We received so many picture frames, books and nick nacks that we would have never been able to display other wise.  

Here is her jam packed closet.  I am ashamed to be putting this up here but I'm just keeping it real!  It is a mess and I need to get back in there and re-organize again but I need a whole day to do so!  In here now are all of her 6 month to 2T clothes...HA!  Her dresser is also crammed full but I wouldn't dare show you that mess too!  I also keep extra formula, diapers, wipes, shoes, medicines, baby wash, lotions, etc. in the closet.
  I am glad these door shelves were here.  We have really used this extra storage!

Here is her changing table now.  Not so cute, but with this stuffy nose we run the humidifier all night!  I got the striped basket at Hobby Lobby and keep diapers, lotion, rash cream, powder and her brush in there.  We also have a wipe warmer back there that I didn't think I would need, but really like!  We opted out of a diaper genie and I haven't missed it one bit.  We just use plenty of Lysol and scented trash bags to keep her room from smelling like a dirty diaper!

I made this hair bow holder and we have another one that I won from Carmen's Custom Creations.

This is her growth chart given as a gift by some sweet friends. 

I love her room!  It was fun to put together and I hope she stays in this crib as long as possible!


  1. Love the pink and green...I picked the same colors for my baby's room!! She's absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Soooo cute!!! I love your shelving by her crib.... perfect for all of those fun little things we want to display! I just LOVE pink and green, too! Don't you wish we could keep their rooms decorated like that until they go off to college?!!? There's nothing sweeter than a little girl's nursery! And...I love that you were keeping it "real!" :)

  3. I love the nursery! My baby girl is due in Feb. and right now I have aqua walls and pink bedding. I am thinking about doing small touches of green. I love this!

  4. I have to comment becuase my little girl is named Ellie and her nursery is almost identical to your Ellie's! The only exception is we have black furniture (even the same crib!), and her closet is the only one in the house in shambles. Anyway your Ellie has a beautiful room.

  5. Do you know where your growth chart came from?!? I have been trying to find one similar to that for a while. Let me know.

    PS ~ pink and green are the best!

  6. I too would love to know where the growth chart is from:)

  7. Love the bedding and the shelves... so very cute!

  8. I just looove how shabby and precious this looks! Way to go, girly!! I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner and I just love your blog! I'd love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Have a darling day!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  9. I love, love, LOVE Ellie's nursery!!! Precious!

  10. I know this is a very old posting but I have to ask. Ellie's room looks very similar to my daughters room. (her walls are Valspar Lettuce) My question is, do you know what color your trim work is? it looks to be the same as the shelves and almost an antique white? Do you know what brand and color it is?