Monday, October 4, 2010

The itsy bitsy spider...

YAY for fall weather and fall clothes!  I know I sound like a dork but I can't help it.  I think it was 37 degrees this morning.  I am loving it!  Here is our sweet thing ready for our only outing of the day yesterday...a grand old trip to Wally World!

I try to avoid that place at all cost (especially with an 8 month old) but it just couldn't be avoided yesterday.  I guess Don noticed how empty the fridge was because he called as he was leaving work (and I was unloading groceries, go figure!) to get a list for the store.  As sweet as it was, I sure wish I had known he was going to be off early so we could have gone together.  Oh well!!  He ended up going anyway because a certain little girl drooled all over my list so I forgot half of the things I went for anyway...ha!

Remember our tooth story from the night before Matt's wedding?  Well...snaggle tooth no more after today!  Don's team doesn't have a game Saturday so he has a tiny bit more free time this week than usual.  I am so glad he is finally able to get this fixed, and I know he is too:)  We also have a little family trip to the pumpkin patch planned.  Stay tuned for an ADORABLE dress and tons of pictures!!

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