Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun fun fun

We had another fun filled weekend!

Friday started off with Ellie's first ever Halloween Costume party at her friend Elam's house!

 His parents did a great job at party planning--everything from wagon rides to story time and even a fun craft project!  We made bats out of their handprints!

All of the babies wore their costumes and had a great time playing and crawling all over the place.  Wes and Kim had everything set up so CUTE!

(and yes, that is Ellie in the background sitting in Elam's highchair.  That girl was HUNGRY!)

They even had little treat bags!  Each baby got a book and a personalized pumpkin burp cloth made by Mrs. Marilyn, Wes's mom.  She is the sweet lady that makes all of Ellie's adorable shirts and things!  She's so talented.

Saturday felt like a REAL family day.  Don was off since they played on Thursday night so we had him home all day!  We ran errands and got some things checked off of our list around the house.  Saturday night, Aunt B, Uncle E, Parker and Mammie came to babysit Ellie so Don and I could head to Memphis to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!

Here is Ellie playing with Parker.  I think they both had lots of fun together!

Are they not the cutest?  I just love this!
Wow...60 years!  I wonder what we will look like in 58 more?!?!?!?!?  I love my Granny and Grandonna so much.  They have been exceptional grandparents to us.  Always overly supportive in everything we do.  They also love Ellie (or "Lil Bit" as Granny calls her) to pieces.

My mom and Uncle had arranged a super nice dinner at Erling Jensen's...a fabulous place in East Memphis.  We all ate way too much and enjoyed a wonderful night together.

This was their beautiful cake.  It was to die for!!!

Sunday was church and then Don headed to work.  Ellie and I relaxed and did a little shopping but didn't stay out long because it is finally raining in West Tennessee!

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  1. That Halloween party is such a great idea! When you come to Memphis again, we need to have a play date. I haven't seen Ellie since the Sip-n-See and you need to meet Nyla!