Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our weekend

I have an extremely busy week ahead (traveling a lot every day... plus a night time baby shower and another football game) so while Don is still working and Ellie is in bed, I thought I would get a quick post in!  We enjoyed a nice weekend at HOME!  I feel like we have been packing up every weekend for forever so it was nice to not have any plans and be at home.

I love this little birdie shirt we had  made.  Too bad by the time I went to take her picture she was covered in carrots!  Oh, and the cell phone is never far away from this baby!  She has to have a remote or phone in her hands at ALL times.

Don's team played Saturday and that was our only event scheduled for the entire weekend!  Ellie sported another new shirt made by Mrs. Marilyn for the occasion.  I think it turned out super cute!

Ellie did great once again and stayed in her smaller stroller almost the whole time!  I hesitated to buy another stroller but now I am SO glad we did.  It fit perfectly in between the bleachers so it worked out great.  She snacked, played, and slept some too.  She continues to amaze me at these football games.  I don't know why I always worry!

Sleepy head.  SO sweet!

Coach Pitt of course had to have a picture with his biggest fans;)

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