Sunday, September 26, 2010

8 months

I cannot believe this sweet girl is 8 months old!  What would I do without this sweet, smiling face???

Ellie, you are the BEST baby.  De De and I say it to each other all of the time.  I really think we can't believe how good you are.  If you ever have a brother or sister I am sure they will never sleep and fuss and cry all the time.  We will still love them (of course) but you are just that good!

 You are so happy.  You love to blow bubbles and talk and coo and squeal.  It is the sweetest sound!  You also love it when we blow onto your just giggle and laugh uncontrollably.  You are constantly waving and clapping your hands these days.  If I wave or move my arms, you will imitate me and do it right back.  You are SO smart!!

This week you all of a sudden had 2 teeth magically appear!  I cried and cried because it was another milestone that reminded me how much you are growing.  I am so happy you are thriving and developing, but I wish you could just stay my tiny baby forever!  I also have a feeling you are turning in to quite the mama's girl. While I secretly kinda love it, I can't hog you all of the time!  There are plenty of other people who want to hold you and love on you, so you better let me share!

You are SO curious and in to everything.  You want anything and everything that we have or that is within your little arms reach.  I think you are about over the whole baby food thing.  You would much rather feed yourself cheese or puffs!  I have a feeling you are going to be pretty independent:)  You are wearing mostly 9 month sized clothes and still some 6 month stuff.  I am so glad it is cooling off so I can start putting you in all of your fall clothes!

Ellie, to us you are the sweetest baby EVER and we love you so much!  I can't believe how big you are!

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