Monday, September 20, 2010

Ellie and her food

I don't think I ever mentioned on here about my homemade baby food experience.  I made sweet potatoes, squash and carrots.  We went through it all fairly quickly and I have yet to replenish our stash.  Between MDO and me being back at work, it has been easier (but NOT cheaper!) to just buy jarred.  Ellie really liked my homemade versions so I still plan to make her more in the near future.  I do try to buy as much organic jarred as possible to make myself feel better!  I also got some tips from my older brother (the chef!) to roast my carrots and not steam them next time.  He said it brings out the natural sugars and they retain more vitamins that way.  I will definitely be doing that!

Now that she is older, we have moved up to Stage 2 foods with some combinations.  I haven't bought any veggie combinations, just fruit, and so far so good.  I have been going by the Wholesome Baby Food website for recipes and ideas and I think she is ready to try meat!  I refuse to buy the jarred "dog food" meat combos, so I am planning on making my own.  We are going to try a little apple and chicken combo first.  I will let you all know how she likes it!  This afternoon after her sweet potatoes and apples/peaches, I put a little bit of shredded 2% mild cheddar on her tray.  I really think she like it!  She also gets a snack of puffs and water once a day now.

Here is a little idea of her new eating routine that we started last Monday.  I think so far it has gone pretty well!  I can't believe she is down to just 3 bottles a day.  Tear:(

Wake up: 8 ounce bottle
3 hours later:  Yogurt and 1 jar of fruit
morning nap
3 hours later:  1 veggie, half jar of fruit, 8 ounce bottle
afternoon nap
3 hours later:  1 veggie other half of fruit
3 hours later:  8 ounce bottle 
Bed time!

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