Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daddy's first football game

Football season officially started in our house about a month ago.  I unfortunately don't get as excited about college football as most people simply because it means that my hubby works crazy hours and that he isn't home much.  With that said, I still support him 110% every weekend (and now some Thursday nights) at his games.  It is fun to watch him in action..  Any of you that know Don personally know he is not a man of many words and that he is pretty laid back and relaxed.   On the football field however, it is a completely different story.  He is very passionate about what he does and I truly admire that about him.

Anyway...enough rambling.  Ellie made her football debut this past weekend (the last 2:24 of the 4th quarter, at least) and she was the star the minute she showed up.  It was still extremely hot on Saturday so Blythe, or now "Aunt B" graciously volunteered to babysit.  I know it was a huge sacrifice for her!  She had Ellie all decked out in her LU gear and she looked so cute!  We had to make sure she was protected from the sun so I put one of her cute little hats on her and it was just precious.  We of course took plenty of pictures after the game.

And just for is a picture of us at a football game last year when I was about 7 months preggo.  Crazy to think that I was 7 months along and Ellie is now 7 months old.  Time has really flown.

I have ordered this little smocked dress and can't wait for her to wear it to his next home game.  She is Daddy's biggest cheerleader after all!!!

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  1. I'm a coaching wife too! Glad I found your blog! :)