Saturday, September 11, 2010

32 Weeks

It has been a busy week for us and with Ellie getting her first little ear infection, I have been thrown completely off.  I think she is on her way back to normal but she's still not 100%.  I forgot to mention that at the doc they weighed her and she is now 19 lbs. 13 oz!!!!  I can't believe that in 2 weeks she will be 8 months old!

Here is our big girl!

Don also got her high chair put together this week and she loves sitting in it:)  Probably because she has associated sitting in it with food!  It makes me sad though.  I have packed up more clothes and now we are getting ready to put the swing and Bumbo up in the attic.  She is growing too fast for me!

I have let her try puffs a couple of times but she still hasn't mastered going from hand to mouth.  We are working on that though!

I also have a question....what about juice?  She has had juice a couple of times to assist with tummy issues.  She doesn't seem to love it and cannot grasp the concept of a sippy cup yet.  I buy the Gerber baby 100% juice and still water that down a little bit.  I am thinking of just giving her a little bit of water just to see.  She seems to choke on the juice I guess because it is thinner than formula and goes down faster.    

When and what kind of liquids did you introduce?  

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  1. We introduced 1/2 gerber juice 1/2 water at 6 months and just water at 6 months too. It took Briley FOREVER to master the sippy cup but whenever we "practiced" we always used the juice/water combo or just water combo. She was probably 1 before we started giving her the juice without the water. We have tried about every sippy cup on the market too...our favorites are munchkin, avent, and nuk!