Saturday, September 18, 2010

33 weeks, new shoes, stuffy noses, and football

Yes, I am way behind again but the whole "working with an almost 8 month old and a husband that's out of town" situation is no joke!

We are on day 10 of antibiotics and I am afraid Ellie now has a cold:(  We were up 3 times last night because poor baby just couldn't breathe.  She is extremely stuffy one day and has a nose like a running faucet the next.  The pediatrician is open on Saturdays but they are of course booked solid all day.  We have our follow up appointment on Tuesday for her ears so I guess we will just wait until then.  I did get the go ahead to give her children's Mucinex.  They also recommended a cool mist humidifier so I guess we are headed to Tar-jay soon!  "Boogie Wipes" are my new BFF and yes, they make a wipe for everything now.  We have paci wipes, boogie wipes, hand sanitizer wipes, etc. etc. etc.!

Oh, and Tuesday she turned 33 weeks!  So fun!  I am planning on doing a post on her food and eating schedule soon because we have been trying new things this week.  She has also figured out how to go from "hand to mouth" with the puffs and yogurt melts.  SO BIG!!

You will notice she is sporting her LU onesie today (it's pretty snug, probably the last wear we will get out of it) because Daddy and his team play West Alabama today!  We will be rooting them on from here and hope they bring home another victory!  I had planned on doing more pics with her wearing these bloomers:
but it just didn't happen.  She needed a nap so I opted for just a picture of them and her new shoes instead.  I have been on the hunt for a couple of pairs of shoes to get us through fall and I found these at Target.  I love them!  They are soft and comfy, and she is very curious about them on her feet since she really hasn't worn shoes but just a handful of times.  I also found a sweet pair of dressy white shoes for church at another shop.
So there is a little update...I just hope my sweet girl gets to feeling better soon.  She is acting as happy as can be this morning and eating like a champ, but we all know how annoying a stuffy/runny nose can be.  Imagine how it must be for her:(

Happy Weekend!!

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