Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My head is spinning with all of the things we need to get done around our house.  Some are big ticket items that will have to come later, and some are minor improvements that have been needed for a while now.

First up, PLAYROOM!

We have a third bedroom AKA "Don's room" because that is where his closet and dresser are.  There is a half bath off of this room that he uses as well.  It keeps us out of each other's hair and I only go back to there to clean.  There is a bed in this room that doesn't get used very often so we plan on removing the bed, spray painting the wicker furniture white, adding bead board to the walls and painting them the same green as Ellie's room (we have plenty of paint leftover).  There is an armoire in there as well that will get painted and become Ellie's TV cabinet.  We have a TV to put in there and plan on hooking up our DVD player so she will have somewhere besides our bedroom to watch Baby Einstein.  Since my Dad is now retired (so is De De...yay!) he has taken up woodworking and I have PLENTY of projects for him!  The plan is to replicate more Pottery Barn Kids items and I am so excited.  Here is a sneak peek at what I have ideas for...

Oh, and speaking of replicating PBK items, I won a $20 gift certificate for my PBK rose lamp in Ellie's room.  I entered the Pottery Barn Challenge over at the CSI project and my number was picked!!!

Next up, kitchen floors.  We have old, ugly laminate right now.  When I bought this house over 3 years ago, I bought tiles and they have been sitting in the closet ever since.  We really need to get these put down!  I really think it would make a big difference.

Curtains are another thing on my list.  I have been shopping for curtains for our bedroom for months but I am having a hard time.  I'm still on the hunt.  I am very pleased with our bedroom but I think curtains would really finish this room off.

I recently found and purchased kitchen valances that need to go up and I found super cute bright striped panels at Wal-Mart for my play room project!  Our living room has really nice custom silk draperies that came with the house so I just left them up, but they are old and the colors aren't what I want.  I am ready for a change.  We need some color!  

The BIG thing I am itching to do soon is ripping out our old, nasty carpet.  Ellie is on the brink of crawling and  even if we just refinish the hardwood underneath or put in a laminate hardwood I would be happy.  This carpet has GOT TO GO!!!

We also need a new roof and the outside needs painted but we will have to wait on those a little while longer.  Until then, I think this little list will keep us busy.  I am already counting down to November 13th (last football game) so we can get to work!   I am going to try and start on the playroom here and there on my own when I have the time.  I love a good project to keep me busy:) 

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