Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 weeks or 7 months!

Today is August 26th.  It is 6:30 pm.  This time 7 months ago, Ellie was about an hour old.  Oh how things have changed in those 7 months!  She is the light of our lives!

Although it is hard for some people to believe, it has been kind of a tough week for us.  I guess I am just spoiled with her going down so easy and never really fussing unless she's hungry.  I can't pinpoint what the culprit of this unusual behavior is so I just keep telling myself it is a phase.  I am sure there will be many more of these "phases" in the coming years that will be much more difficult!  I will also say that I am missing Don's night help like crazy.  By the time bedtime rolls around I am tired and frustrated so I am sure that rubs off on her.  I am working on that!  Football season seems to be hitting us all extra hard this year so that doesn't help the situation.

Mother's Day Out has been wonderful so far.  I feel refreshed and accomplished, and she is getting used to being away from me for a few hours.  It is a wonderful, beautiful thing! We also did the church nursery for the first time last Sunday.  The workers said she wanted to be held the whole time...surprise surprise...spoiled baby!!!

Ellie is also sitting up on her own, all of the time now!  She looks so big sitting on the floor or in the pack n play.

We have also transitioned into high chairs at restaurants and that is so much easier!

Here is Ellie with her friends Ali and Emily.  Those are 3 sweet girls!!!

She is still going strong with the baby food.  So far she has had sweet potatoes, sweet peas, carrots, squash, pears, peaches, bananas and apples.  The only 2 foods she has given me a dirty face with have been green beans and prunes.  I think next we are going to try smashed avocados with banana.  Sounds delish doesn't it??

This is an idea of her daily feeding/sleeping routine: (this may seem crazy or "off" for some people, but it works for us.  It still varies daily depending on where we are and what we are doing)
6:30 am:  Wake up, 8 ounce bottle
9:30-10 am:  Rice cereal mixed with fruit and 4 oz bottle (most of the time she never finishes this bottle)
morning nap
1:00 pm: some sort of veggie and 4 oz bottle (I have cut back to a half jar due to tummy issues)
afternoon nap
4:00 pm:  the leftover half of the veggie and 4 oz bottle
7:00 pm:  8 ounce bottle



  1. She is adorable!

    I don't know if you saw, but you won the $20 vinyl giveaway over at the CSI Project! Congratulations!

    Send me an email and I will get you hooked up!


  2. Oh wow...I did??? Ok emailing you now! I am so excited!!