Tuesday, August 17, 2010

29 Weeks

Yesterday was a rough day and I was starting to wonder if Ellie was getting sick.  She didn't really nap and was never that interested in eating (totally out of character) so today I am trying to get us back to normal.  She has been a little fussy today but is eating better and taking a good morning nap in her crib.  I know there is a little tooth in there that is starting to torment us both.  There's just got to be!  I am just glad she seems better today.  So instead of making a sign and getting her dressed up, I decided to let her rest and take her picture as she was napping.  Is this not the sweetest thing?  I could just sit in there and watch her sleep all the time.  She looks so peaceful and angelic...because she is!  I just love her to pieces:) 

Here is our little 29 week sleeping angel...

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