Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ellie's friends and another first

Ellie has gotten to visit with a few friends this week!  Don's childhood friend Sarah (I now consider her a sweet friend too!) was in Jackson to take her baby to the doctor and called and said they wanted to stop by so the girls could meet!  I was so excited when she called because we have been talking about getting together for a while now and it just hadn't worked out until this week.  Baby Ivy is just beautiful and SO sweet.  She was born April 2nd so she and E are about 2 months apart.  This isn't the best picture ever, poor Ivy had just gotten shots and Ellie was in desperate need of a nap and covered in sweet potatoes, but I know this won't be the last time we get these sweet girls together!

We also got to see Leigh and baby Will again this week and I finally got a picture of them together.  Will is so sweet and cuddly...he made Ellie seem like a wild child!  She has this squeal she loves to let out (especially in public) and she was pretty wound up!  I feel like I have now become that parent I used to talk about and say "why don't they just stay home...they need to do something with that baby!"  It was still a lot of fun getting them together again.  Here they are...both snoozin.  So sweet!

Finally, this morning we met Emily for lunch and ran to Hobby Lobby.  I decided it was too hot to carry her big heavy carseat into the store and since she has been sitting up so well, I thought why not try sitting her in the shopping cart?!  Doesn't she look so big here?  I can't believe it!
The whole reason we went to Hobby Lobby today (tax free weekend...yuck!) was so I could get a pretty frame for one of her 3 month portraits.  I love it and can't wait to get it on the wall!
Now the questions I dare to brave a trip to Target on tax free weekend?  We need wipes and formula in a major way!  There is NO WAY I will even think about going to Wal Mart.

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