Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weddings and carrots

I think we have finally recuperated from a busy, fun weekend!  My other baby, my little brother, got married!  I cried like a baby walking down the aisle and during the entire ceremony, but it all was so beautfiul and I am so happy for him and Rachel!  I didn't take a single picture all weekend because I left my memory card in my computer at home, so I had to steal these from a few people (hope that's ok!) so enjoy!  Thank you to Ellie's wonderful babysitters that came and helped us out tremendously this weekend.  I don't know what we would have done without you!!!!!

Me and my nephew Grant!
A few of the bridesmaids and the bride
The very handsome Best Man, my Daddy!
Back view of the bride and groom

In other news, Ellie started eating carrots yesterday and loves them as well!  At this point, she will eat whatever we give her.  I even let her have pears before naptime and she scarfed them up too!  At lunch time today, we decided to surprise Daddy at work with food since he is super busy.  The last 2 nights he has gotten home late and we have been in bed so I figured if we wanted to see him, we might as well go visit!  He loved it.  He is wearing a new goofy (but practical) hat that they got today.  This heat is killer!

I will be back soon with at 27 week post!

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