Tuesday, July 27, 2010

26 Weeks!

Yesterday was Ellie's half birthday...that's right she is now SIX months old!!  We went to the doctor yesterday, so I have some new updates on our BIG girl!  Yesterday was also my mom's "__th" birthday, so happy birthday De De!!  I thought she looked so sweet in her cherry pj's that I didn't even change her before I took her picture this morning!

18 pounds--90th percentile
27 1/2 inches--95th percentile
Head measured 43 cm (I think)--75th percentile

Dr. Amy also gave us the go ahead to start on solids.  After naptime, I decided to try sweet potatoes.  I think it's fair to say that this girl LOVED THEM!  She ate the entire jar with no problems at all. 
We are going to stick with sweet potatoes for this week and then probably move on to another yellow veggie next week.  I bought all fresh sweet potatoes, squash, and baby carrots at the farmers market this weekend and plan on making and freezing my own baby food.  I will let you all know how that goes!  She will be eating jars this week just because we are going out of town and I haven't bought ice cube trays to freeze my homemade.

It seems like she is starting something new everyday now.  I finally decided to be brave and just see if she could sit up on her own, and to our surprise she did!  I guess I never knew if she was ready to sit up or not, because I had never let go of her long enough to let her actually try.  Sunday in Greenfield at Don's mom's house, she was starting to kind of do an army crawl with her knees, just no hands.  It was so funny to watch her try so hard to move, and then get tired and lay her head down.  She is closer to being mobile than I thought.  STOP time, STOP!!!!

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