Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good News

Yesterday Ellie had her hearing test at the West Tennessee School for the Deaf.  We could not have asked for a better experience!  The doctor that saw her was wonderful, she passed the test with flying colors, and this facility is run by state tax dollars which meant it was free!  Apparently the antibiotic gentamycin that she was on in the NICU for 7 full days is some pretty powerful stuff.  The doctor said that they only use it in extreme cases and don't even worry about the side effects (such as hearing loss) because they are more concerned about the baby and getting rid of the infection.  She also said she consults with doctors at St. Jude who are more familiar with gentamycin and they have not seen many hearing loss cases but more issues dealing with balance.  I was starting to get worried about why she was not sitting up yet, so maybe this is why.  Daddy seems to think she is just held too much and has NO desire to do it on her own yet (and he is probably right!).  I know when she is ready it will happen, but I am kind of ready for her to be sitting up on her own!  We will still go back every 6 months to have her re-checked for the next couple of years and I am ok with that.  We will also be watching her closely to see if we notice any changes.  So good news...YAY!!!

While we were in Memphis, we were able to visit with Missy, Kevin, Maddie and Turner.  Here are some pictures of Ellie with her sweet cousins!

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  1. Yeah for Ellie!! So glad the test went well and looking forward to seeing y'all tonight:)