Friday, July 2, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I realize I have slacked with Ellie's 22 week post this week.  I will just make up for it next week with 2 separate weekly posts.  She is with my mom today so Don and I can get some things done after work.  We have joked about being popular this 4th of July because we have gotten 3 or 4 different invitations to do things on Sunday...everyone wants to hang out with us now what we have a baby!

We ultimately decided to stay home and not drive all over the place this weekend.  I could just picture a bedtime meltdown right when the fireworks started and us driving home and missing out on it all anyway.  So Sunday Don's mom, sister and cousin are coming over to cook out with us.  I am also going to invite my friend Emily (Em, if you are reading this--this is your invite!) since she moves to J-town tomorrow!  So we are looking forward to a low key cookout with our family with some burgers, dogs, an American flag cake and maybe even some homemade ice cream!

And of course Miss Priss will be decked out in her holiday gear...I promise to have lots of cute pictures after the weekend!  Are these bloomers not the cutest thing?  They came FREE (along with a cute flower headband) when I ordered some pink bloomers just like them for E's 6 months pics.  I can't wait for another little photoshoot!  Happy 4th!

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