Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the 4th

We had a great weekend full of family and food!  Unfortunately, I was so busy that the only pictures I seemed to get were of you know who.  HA!

Saturday we worked in the yard and I went to Brownsville to pick up Ellie from my parents.  She had a great time with them and Granny and Grandonna and was super spoiled I am sure!  Saturday night Don worked so we helped Auntie Em move into her new apartment.  Unfortunately the apartment isn't in such a great area so we may be helping her move again soon.  That is ok with us, we just want her to be safe!!

Sunday morning we went to church and then got ready for all of our company Sunday night!  We grilled out, played corn hole, and shot off so many huge fireworks that I was afraid we were all going to jail.  Luckily everyone stayed safe and Ellie slept straight through them all.

Monday morning we got up and drove to Memphis to have lunch with my parents, grandparents, and Matt and Rachel.  The wedding countdown is officially on...25 days!!!  We had a great time visiting with all of our family over the weekend.  Ellie was sure loved on and held by everyone!  I am glad she has so many sweet family members that love her SO much!

Here is Miss America herself all dressed and ready for lunch at De De and Peeps house!

My grandparents bought her this jumperoo so she would have something to play in when she came to visit.  She LOVES it!  She fits perfectly in it and plays with all of the toys so well.  I wish we had room for one! 

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