Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Saturday

We have had a pretty exciting Saturday!  Ellie woke up around 6 to eat and went back down until around 8:15, so I got to sleep in!  I let Don sleep since he had worked until around midnight and decided to cook him breakfast...a rare treat!

After we had all eaten, the plan was for us to meet Emily at the pool for some fun in the sun.  Our plans changed a little, however, because I got a text from Leigh saying they were at the hospital and her water had broken!  I could hardly believe it!  So I hopped in the shower and got ready so we could all head up to the hospital before Don had to go in to work at 2.  Leigh was so calm but very anxious for Baby Will.  It is 5:45 now, and we are still waiting to hear the news of his arrival.  I hope he comes soon so we can go back up there to see him before Ellie's bedtime!

After we got home from the hospital, Mammie called to say she was in town and wanted to stop by for a visit!  I am glad she got here before Ellie went down for a nap, I would have hated for her to come all the way here and not be able to see her:)

The rest of our afternoon has consisted of a lot of cereal eatin', bottle washin', laundry foldin', exersaucer playin', and just lots of fun!  Earlier I was thinking in my head what I would have been doing on this Saturday if Ellie wasn't here, and I really couldn't come up with anything too exciting.  Wow I was boring!

Now we are waiting on Auntie Em to bring dinner and hang out with us...looks like we've got a little girls night in planned!

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