Monday, May 17, 2010


Well it is 9:39 and Ellie is still snoozing so I thought I would try and get a quick post in. (Just to clarify...she did wake up at 5:45 to eat and then I put her back down).

First off...the spit up is back and worse than ever. She pretty much spit up all weekend non-stop so I put in a call to the doc this morning and now just waiting to hear back. I think switching to Soy formula might be what we have to do but we will see. I will keep you posted!

Secondly, I found out this weekend that a lot more people read my silly blog than I thought and I am SO embarrassed! Too late to worry about that now I guess! I am doing this for me since I am such a bad scrapbooker/babybooker. My mom even gave me a calendar with stickers to try and make it easier and I haven't kept up with it past the first month. I will admit, I am kind of addicted to my laptop. But good thing is, all of you out there that read my post about LU must have done some kind of praying because...

Don started a new job today!!!!
It is just temporary...but it's a paycheck! They actually wanted to hire him full-time but he decided to hold off to see what happens with the school and his "real job" before he just ups and leaves. I totally understand this and truly admire him for sticking it out even though all of this instability is about to drive me insane. But I knew he would find something and I am so grateful for the city of Jackson for hiring him! He actually worked for them about 5 years ago so he is familiar with all he will be doing which is an added bonus.

And just because I thought this little dress was too cute, I decided to show you what our little sailor girl looked like before church yesterday morning. This was pre-spit up! She had a pretty good one right as I strapped her in her carseat and we were already running late so I didn't have time to change her. By the end of the service she was just covered poor thing:( Thank you to Mrs. Peggy in the LU Athletic office for this sweet little dress!

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