Tuesday, May 18, 2010

16 Weeks

So I talked to Dr. Amy's office and they decided to switch her reflux meds from Zantac to Prevacid. I hate my little 4 month old (almost) has to be on medicine already. I really hope this works. I kind of wish they had told us to come in yesterday because I wanted to talk to her about switching over to Soy formula, but we go in 2 weeks anyway, so maybe I will ask then.

Anyway, it has been pretty crazy around here lately. Between working on Don's resume and him applying for jobs and now working 2 jobs...my job has picked up and I have had a lot going on too. I have been worn out since last Friday! Ellie's spit up alone is exhausting. I know that may seem silly but I hate seeing her suffer and the laundry and clothes changing is never ending! Her little neck is red and irritated again. I bathe her every night now, so I don't know how this keeps happening. She's had another sponge bath this morning and we are back on the gold bond regimen so I hope this helps. I promise I am not hurting her when I pull her jaw up, she just has so many rolls and creases that this is the only way I can reach under there! Poor thing, I just hate this.
Today she is 16 weeks old! I know I say this every week but she really is the sweetest, cutest thing ever. I love her to pieces more and more each day:)

I forgot to post this earlier but here she is in her christening gown before the major meltdown and before Kristina Only took her pictures. I cannot wait to see them. I just know they are going to be so sweet.
Friday afternoon, I did my regular lunch date with Jenny and Leigh and we decided to go get a scooop of ice cream at Maggie Moo's. I know Miss E is my girl...she was dying for some of Leigh's ice cream!! It was too funny watching her stare at that cup:)
After Don got home Friday, they just played and played in the floor while I took pictures. I thought these were sweet. She is snoozing right now... and I better get back to work!


  1. Love love the pictures!!! Maddie had that problem on her neck when she was a baby as well! Have you ever tried Aquafor? I think that is what we used and it helped.

  2. spoilsport! take the cloth away