Friday, May 14, 2010

A few Ellie updates

You all will have to excuse me for kind of venting/letting it all out on here last night regarding the whole Lambuth situation. Needless to say we are saddened and worried about all that is going on. The good thing is that I know whatever happens was meant to be and we will push through!

In other news...Ellie is just moving right along! I have officially upped her to 6 ounces every feeding and she is now also wearing a size 2 diaper. She is just growing by the minute. She also turned 15 weeks old this week! These weeks just seem to fly by. We would like to thank Uncle Matt and Peeps for the adorable outfit they brought back from the Masters tournament. I thought she looked SO cute in it!

Yesterday we had scheduled to have her 3 month pictures taken as well as some family shots of the 3 of us. Well when LU scheduled their emergency meeting at 5...Don was unable to make it. It really worked out for the best because as soon as we finished up the pics of her in her christening gown and moved on to the second outfit, Ellie had had enough! I have never seen her scream so loudly for so long. She was so upset her little feet turned purple. I felt so bad and I just didn't know what to do! So we will go back next Friday and finish up her pictures and have ours taken as well. It's all for the best anyway!

I am looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully we will get in some much needed rest and relaxation!

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