Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just feel like bragging a little...

I am going to apologize for the mushy post in advance, and I know this blog is supposed to be "All About Ellie", but I can't help but talk about her Daddy for a minute:)

Let me start off first by saying how much I love Lambuth University. I spent 4 of the best years of my life there. I made many lifelong friendships. I met my husband there. I just love that place. I am so grateful to my parents who worked extremely hard to pay my tuition so I could graduate loan free. Did I mention I kinda liked going to school there??

Unfortunately the past couple of years have been very difficult on the small, private university. They have struggled with a low enrollment and are once again unable to make payroll. Most of you that read this (all 3 of you!) know that Don has coached football there for the last 4 years. He started out as a student assistant and made his way up to coaching the offensive line under 2 pretty big named coaches. I am so thankful for his job and for those coaches giving him the opportunity to learn so much under them. He has made so many great contacts and turned into a pretty darn good O-line coach! However, as sad as it makes me...we as a family cannot endure a no paycheck summer like we did last year. It was hard enough last year before Ellie was here and I was still pregnant. Looking back, I sometimes wonder how we made it through that summer.

What I admire the most about Don is his hard work ethic. Sure, he may like to sleep a lot, and he snores (loud!) and he still hasn't learned to pick up his clothes off of the floor, but he has a work ethic unlike any other. He told Ellie tonight that he would shovel poop for her if somebody would pay him! He has also managed to stay so calm throughout all of this. His positive attitude seems to be what has gotten us through these tough times. It's a good thing he is so calm because we all know how I freak out! I guess he knows he needs to stay calm for my sake:)

So I guess the reason for this post is for me to ask you all to pray for our little family. We will be fine, we will make it through, but prayers are definitely appreciated. Pray that Lambuth makes it through and is able to pay its employees. Pray that Don finds work to hold us off until LU gets back on track.

I love my baby Daddy!!!

If any of you hear or know of any places hiring...LET US KNOW!!

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