Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BIG 14 week old!

I feel like Ellie has changed and grown SO much over the last week or two. She is holding her head up really well, smiling and talking like crazy, and she just looks bigger! This morning after I brought her into our bedroom to feed her Don said it looked like she had grown overnight...and I think she has! Her spiky hair has gotten longer too, I think it grew over the weekend while she was in Memphis. It just amazes me how quickly they change.
With all of this beautiful weather, we decided to pick up Lenny's for dinner last night and head to the park for a picnic and a walk. We all had a great time! I was afraid she was going to sleep through her first park trip, but she soon woke up and enjoyed the stroll we took along the walking trail.
She is also getting better with grabbing her rattles, toys, and now her bottle! Look at what a big girl she is! This kind of makes me sad:(

I have also started noticing that I am looking for more forms of entertainment for her during the day. She is really noticing her mobile and enjoying her playmat, so I decided to try out the exersaucer again and she seemed to be ok with it. She still needs to be a little bit bigger to take full advantage of all of the toys and such, but we are getting there.

I just love this picture of her peeking over the exersaucer. I can't believe she is 14 weeks old!

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