Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Wednesday!

I am clearly in desperate need of more creativity when it comes to my titles.  Blogging just hasn't "flowed well" for me this week.  That doesn't mean there isn't anything to talk about, and I really don't think my 3 faithful followers care what I write about as long as it includes pictures of a certain little girl:)

Since my creative juices are lacking, I am sticking with bullet points.  It's just easier.

  • The whole milk situation is getting better.  I have been given lots of suggestions, but I am sticking to my guns with this one.  No chocolate syrup here!  
  • Cheese is the only thing Ellie will eat.  (hence the reasoning behind NO syrup, I've already ruined her with cheese).  She is a Pitt, mac-n-cheese runs in their blood:)
  • Ellie is working on her 7th tooth!  SEVEN.  
  • I have been stocking up on some awesome online and Facebook deals for summer.  And no, they are not for me.  I don't think smocked bubbles would be that flattering.
  • We had a fabulous family weekend last weekend and we are now gearing up for 2 weekends in a row with my road trip included.  I cannot wait.  
  • Have I mentioned Don is back in school this semester?  Well he is!  And he has straights A's!  That Coach Pitt, he's a genius.
  • Ellie is a walking machine.  It's so fun to see her become more independent!
  • She is also finally feeling almost 100%.  She is still fussier than usual, but I think I figured out why when I peeked in her mouth this morning and saw another little toothie poking through.  This teething thing is rough.
  • I am SO thankful for my healthy girl.  I may seem dramatic when it comes to her illnesses, but I can't help it.  I cannot stand when she is sick.  I know it could be a whole lot worse so I am counting my blessings.  Breathing treatments are a walk in the park.

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