Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another fun weekend!

Friday night, Don and I were feeling a little "wild" so we decided to take Ellie on her first trip to Chuck E Cheese!  She had been on Spring Break from MDO all week and I felt like we all deserved a little fun family outing together.  After Don got home from work, we found on online coupon and off we went!  I realize she is still a little young to truly enjoy a place like that, but we figured why not.  I think we were both surprised at how much she enjoyed herself.

Saturday Don had practice so Ellie and I headed to Bartlett to have lunch with my grandparents, my parents, Aunt Rach, Uncle Matt, and Grandonna's brother John who was in town visiting.  We had a great time!

This is definitely the side of the family that those famous dimples come from!

My mom offered to let Ellie stay with them for the night, so Don and I got a much needed dinner out with friends!  We even managed to catch a late movie which was nice.  

This morning we made it to church and now Don is working and Ellie is back home with us.  It was a nice break but I sure missed my girl!


  1. I just started to follow your blog and wanted to say Hi. Ellie is so cute I look forward to catching up on your blog...


  2. Aw so sweet! Briley loves Chuckie Cheese too!

  3. I hear Ellie was a guest in the Seeker's class. Love, love, love reading the blog and seeing all of the sweet pictures!